Malcolm Young Explains How He Decided To Form AC/DC With Angus Young In A Recently Surfaced Interview

The Coda Collection revealed the unreleased interview of AC/DC’s late guitarist Malcolm Young, in which he was talking about the formation of the band.

In the conversation, Malcolm revealed that they have never played together with Angus before forming AC/DC because he was more into The Beatles, and Angus was interested in heavier music.

Furthermore, Malcolm stated that when he decided to form a band, Angus finished up his own project. Instead of picking up a keyboardist, he asked Angus to join them and that’s they grouped up.

Moreover, Malcolm revealed how Angus has created his own stage character by saying that his sister and George Young helped him. Also, his sister is the one who suggested Angus wear a school uniform with a short.

Here is what Malcolm Young said:

“We never really played together. I was more into The Beatles and Stones, and Angus was more into the heavier stuff, Hendrix and Cream, with the lead guitar. I used to listen to songs as songs — the drums, the vocal, the music side of it.

I tended to pick up on the chords, the whole picture around the guitar. It just happened at one point when I was putting together a band. We were going to get a keyboard player, but I got Angus instead.

Angus had his own band, a little rock outfit, but they just packed it in. He told me they were finished, and I said, ‘Come down tomorrow and have a bash.’ We were going to play rock ‘n’ roll; it was simple as that. When Angus came in, it was a big piece.”

He continued:

“He hadn’t come into his stage act yet. George and my sister helped him a lot with that. They said, ‘You gotta have a gimmick, Angus.’ They thought a good act always had something people could relate to.

My sister said, ‘Why don’t you get your school uniform with the shorts?’ She knocked that up for him and this little guy became larger than life.”

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