Lzzy Hale Ruins Sebastian Bach’s Reunion Plans With Skid Row

In a recent chat with Terrie Carr of the Morristown, New Jersey radio station 105.5 WDHA, Lzzy Hale said her gig with Skid Row will not be limited to four concerts.

Last week, Skid Row announced that they parted ways with their singer, Erik Grönwall, after two years due to his health concerns. The band also revealed that Hale would front the band for the next four shows.

Hale Speaks On The Possibility Of More Skid Row Gigs

Now, Lzzy said that there could be more shows. Still, it is not clear if she will join the band permanently or has plans for a few more concerts. The rocker told the following about doing more Skid Row shows with her singing lead:

“You never know. I will say something that most likely will happen is that these will not be the only four dates you ever hear. I will say that. As far as me being the permanent member of Skid Row, we’re gonna all have to find a plateau [laughs] in our schedules to do that. But you never know. Sounds like a pretty good gig for me, if I ever get to that point.”

Sebastian Bach Signaled Reunion Plans With Skid Row

After Erik Grönwall left the band, Skid Row fans started wondering if Sebastian Bach would return as the frontman. Bach recently talked to Metal Hammer and confirmed he didn’t rule out a possible reunion with Skid Row. The singer stated:

“I can definitely see that happening, considering they play the same songs I play. When I get a substantial royalty check for an album I did with musicians that I haven’t been in the same room with since 1996, I feel like a piece of sh*t. Because we should be giving something back to the fans that have made this great life possible.”

Bach’s future plans seemed to be in danger after Hale’s statement about her plans With Skid Row. Lzzy’s first show with Skid Row will be on May 17 at Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort in Carterville, Illinois. Their next concerts are on May 18, May 31, and June 1.

You can watch her entire chat below.