Lou Gramm Hasn’t Talked To Mick Jones Yet But He’s Not Against Peace

In a new interview with Kiki Classic Rock, Foreigner rocker Lou Gramm opened up about his relationship with Mick Jones. During the chat, Gramm was asked if he had recently spoken to him. The singer revealed he didn’t but he also explained he would like to make peace both with Jones and the rest of the members:

“I haven’t spoken to anybody. I’m going to be speaking to Phil Carson in about 25 or 30 minutes and I’m going to ask him if he thinks I should call the rest of the guys or not and he’s going to have to give me their phone numbers because I don’t have anybody’s phone number anymore. That’s how distant it is.”

When Gramm Last Spoke To Jones

The interviewer talked about the possible changes in the band’s relationship and the past with Gramm. In response, Gramm mentioned the Songwriters Hall Of Fame and explained when he last saw Jones:

“I hope so. I thought it was going to do that for the Songwriters Hall of Fame when Mick I were inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame because I hadn’t heard from him for six or seven years before that and we had a great time at the songwriters Hall of Fame we played two songs with the house band and had a great time inducted by Billy Joel and I thought our relationship was on the mend and I didn’t hear from him again. I haven’t heard from him since that night.”

There’s No Bad Blood

Mick Jones made it clear that there’s no tension between him and Lou Gramm. In an email he sent to Billboard, Jones opened up about his thoughts on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the class of 2024. Jones mentioned that he would be totally fine with Gramm showing up at the ceremony. He explained:

“On a personal level, I have no hard feelings toward Lou. We did perform together at the 40th anniversary concert. It has been so many years now since Lou left Foreigner; I like to think that those ill feelings are in the past. There is power in letting go of hard feelings and getting on with your life.”

He added that there should be no hard feelings and should enjoy it instead:

“Why carry the burden of hard feelings? It serves nothing in the long run. I do plan to attend. I’m sure my whole family will be there. As to whether I get up on stage and perform hasn’t really been decided as yet. In some ways, it might be nice just to be there to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy being inducted.”

You can watch the recent interview below.