Liam Gallagher Tries To Fix Past ‘Mistakes’ Due To His Fear Of Mortality

Liam Gallagher recently spoke about his health with The Sun.

Gallagher’s early career was marked by a lifestyle heavy on drugs and alcohol. Now, he is trying to make up for his past behavior:

“You’ve got to undo all the bad work you’ve done through f***ing getting off your head and all that. It’s time to undo it all now and get back to reality. All that stuff that you thought was cool in the early days… It’s time to get healthy.”

The singer said he cut down on alcohol, drugs, and smoking:

“As you get older, life is precious, do you know what I mean? When you are younger you don’t care. ‘I’m a thinker.’ But as you get older, you’re getting closer to wherever you’re meant to be going.”

He Has Questions About Future

Gallagher had hip replacement surgery in 2023 due to arthritis from Hashimoto’s disease. His condition was diagnosed in 2017. He also suffers from psoriasis.

The 51-year-old has a fear of mortality according to the recent chat. He revealed:

“I have my days when I’m f***ing buzzing about every- thing and then I have days when I’m just like, ‘This is s**t’, as in life — you know what I mean? Even though I’ve got everything, I mean, it’s just not enough.”

The ex-Oasis member is out on tour with John Squire despite his health issues. The trek is in support of the two’s new album and will go on until late August.