Liam Gallagher Slams Damon Albarn’s Coachella Rage

Liam Gallagher has some comments about the recent Blur incident at Coachella.

The Oasis rocker took to X to answer a fan question about Albarn’s comments on Coachella. When Gallagher was asked about his thoughts on the matter, the rocker told the Blur singer to zip it up, do the gig, and leave:

“You can’t force people to sing along do your gig and zip it that’s what I do you’ll never hear me complaining.”

Albarn’s Complaints At Coachella

It all started when Albarn didn’t get the reaction he expected from the audience of Coachella.

Blur kicked off the show with ‘St. Charles Square’ and kept going with their hits, but the crowd’s energy was not what he expected it to be. Albarn got frustrated when he tried to get the audience to sing along during ‘Girls & Boys.’

He wanted them to shout ‘ow ow ow’ during the chorus, but hardly anyone joined in. He even threatened to leave the stage, but gave it another shot on the next chorus. When the crowd’s energy remained the same, he yelled:

“You’ll never see us again, so you might as well f*cking sing it.”

Of course, fans on social media didn’t take it well. However, they weren’t upset at Albarn’s reaction, they were upset at the Coachella crowd instead.

You can see Gallagher’s post below.