Liam Gallagher Apologizes To The Fans For His ‘Outlandish Behaviour’


Oasis icon Liam Gallagher shared a tweet to apologize to his fans because of his deleted post about Atletico Madrid football player Stefan Savic. The musician expressed regretting his harsh and hateful words about the athlete, so he decided to share his sadness about it on social media.

The game between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, the Champions League match on April 13, ended with no scores. In addition, things got tense for the players, and unfortunately, it resulted in Savic’s head-butt Manchester player Raheem Sterling. The player’s violent action against Sterling drew great attention and received backlash from the team’s fans worldwide.

As a lifetime Manchester City supporter, Gallagher got angry with the athlete and shared a post about it after the match. In his now-deleted tweet, the famous singer threatened Savic, saying that he’s dead if he comes across him, and called him ‘goofy-looking c*nt.’ The Atletico Madrid supporters and his followers criticized this hateful statement about the player, and Gallagher deleted the post after he realized that it was wrong. However, it was too late as that post had already become news on almost every website.

Gallagher’s deleted tweet read:

“Stefan Savic, this is a threat. If I come across you, you goofy-looking c*nt, you’re dead MCFC.”

Recently, Gallagher shared another post and said he was sorry about that tweet by adding that he was upset and annoyed at himself. He admitted that he disappointed his fans with his outlandish behavior, although the singer knew he should have acted as a role model to them. The musician asked for their forgiveness, and probably he will be more careful about his words as a very influential person.

In Gallagher’s words, he said:

“I’m really upset and annoyed at myself. I feel I’ve let all my fans down with my outlandish behavior. I’m a role model to grown-ups. I hope you can forgive me.”

You can check out the recent tweet below.