Korn’s Brian Welch Says Fieldy Needs To Take A Break, ‘He’s Gone Through Enough’

Brian Welch, the guitarist of Korn, recently gave an interview to 97.9 GRD in which he talked about the reasons why his band member Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu is not able to join the band on tour this year.

Fieldy has recently been struggling with trying to get over some ‘bad habits’ and ‘relapses.’ He recently announced that he needs to heal and cut back on his ‘bad habits’ before he can make himself available for his friends and family again. Needing a break from people to get himself back together, he decided to take some time away from his band, friends, and family, in order to focus more on himself.

Welch mentioned in the interview that Fieldy is a good father to his kids and proceeded to talk about how he is a good man. He didn’t refrain from saying that everybody can go through hard times and it is okay to take a break every now and then. For Fieldy, Welch thinks that ‘he’s gone through a lot.’

This is what he said in the interview:

“Fieldy is good, man. He’s at home, and he’s with his kids. I wanna say that Fieldy’s a good dad. He’s a good dude, and he has his life structured. The bad habits he talked about in the press — everyone has their issues in life. But those he’ll work on in his own way. But that dude is — I look up to him as a dad, actually.

He’s had five kids. He always says, ‘I’ve got two thousand kids,’ ’cause it feels like it some days. But he’s a good dad. He’s gone through a lot, man, personally, and he just needs some time off to reflect on himself and his family. That’s it.”

His band members who are also his childhood friends are in fact supporting him through these times. In the interview, Welch said that everyone understands his struggles and they are in no way judgemental about the situation. The situation did not leave the band high and dry as they recruited Roberto ‘Ra’ Díaz the bassist of Suicidal Tendencies to go on tour with them.

Welch said:

“It was a couple, a few months ago or whatever. So we just started brainstorming and hitting up friends and whatnot. We need the slap — we need the slap bass, we need the finger playing, we need someone, ’cause Fieldy is unique — very unique. So it just kind of happened that way, man, where Ra, he was open because Suicidal is not going out until next year.

He came down, we jammed. He’s a really humble guy, and just very talented. He can play anything — from jazz to slap to anything. He played all the songs with, like, 3 mistakes out of 10 songs or something — little mistakes. I mean, not even mistakes — it was just, like, ‘I thought I heard it that way.’ They weren’t even mistakes. So we were, like, ‘Okay. You got it down.'”

The band members who have a long-lasting friendship showed how supportive they are of Fieldy and his struggles especially when it comes to mental health. They did not have hard feelings and were understanding of the whole situation. They said he left the band with positive vibes and wished Fieldy will heal and return on stage as soon as possible.

You can watch the interview below.