Korn’s Brian Welch Reacts To Maynard James Keenan’s Principles

Korn’s Brian Welch recently addressed Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s life principles during a chat with The Joe Kingdom Perspective.

Keenan had previously joined Joe Rogan, discussing how important it was not to dictate to others and to listen to what everyone had to say, as a rock star.

So, Welch discussed these comments, addressing how Korn have had their challenges with listening to others:

“When we were climbing up the ladders of success, it was all like what we said. Everybody was like ‘Yes, man.’ You know, everybody who worked for us was like, ‘Yes, yes, whatever you say.'”

He continued by explaining how the band had to humble themselves after facing hardships:

“Then, we start to go through trials: we’re not as popular as we used to be, drug addiction, five guys in the band; five guys got divorced within three years of getting married… Then, you’re gonna have to start to listen and you’re gonna be humbled to learn to listen because once you find out that you’re not invincible, you start wondering who can help me because I’m not who I thought I was.”

The rocker then praised Keenan’s processing and perspective:

“So, that was really good, I loved when he said that ’cause he’s right. I love hearing it from Maynard, he’s one of the best singers, lyricists, performers of our generation, you know, the last two or three decades. Tool is one of the biggest bands ever. We toured with them back in the day.”

Brian also touched upon the Tool frontman’s tragic upbringing and his mother, Judith, who was paralyzed for 27 years:

“Knowing his story, of where he comes from, and his mom; it’s widely known that his mom had faith and she believed for her healing… She never got the healing from the Lord she believed in and he’s written songs about it. So, hearing his processing about music and creation is really, really cool.”

Check out below to see the video.