Klaus Meine Addresses CIA Rumors About Scorpions’ ‘Wind Of Change’

Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine recently appeared as a guest on AXS TV and reflected on the conspiracy theories regarding their song, ‘Wind of Change.’ The singer stated that he can only laugh at them.

The iconic Scorpions’ song, ‘Wind of Change,’ was written by Klaus Meine following his visit to the Soviet Union. The band released the song in January 1991 as a part of their eleventh studio album, ‘Crazy World.’ The lyrics of the track celebrate the end of the Cold War and give messages of hope despite the turbulent time the world had been going through.

The song has become a worldwide hit with its peaceful tone but some people also started to question the song’s origin. In 2020, it was discussed in a podcast, named ‘Wind of Change,’ hosted by Patrick Radden Keefe, whether the CIA wrote the song. Keefe put forward this conspiracy theory about the song by claiming that he heard this rumor from one of his contacts in the intelligence community.

Although Klaus Meine repeated many times in different interviews that this conspiracy theory is false and he wrote the song just to show the power of music, it seems like the issue is still interesting to many. He was again asked about it during the conversation with AXS TV, and Meine said that he was shocked when he realized that Keefe was really serious about it.

He stated again that the song doesn’t have any connection with the CIA. When Klaus Meine realized the seriousness of the issue, he couldn’t know how to react at the beginning. For him, it only proved the power of music. Meine still regards it as a ridiculous story but thinks that it further increased the song’s popularity. The frontman stressed that all he can do is stay calm and laugh at it.

Klaus Meine speaking on the conspiracy theories surrounding ‘Wind of Change’:

“It cracked me up laughing of course but then I realized really fast that the guy was serious about it. The question that I didn’t write ‘Wind of Change’ as a CIA thing. When I realized he was serious, it was like ‘So how can you react to this?’ What I thought was like if that would be true, it would only prove the power of music.

It’s a crazy story. We were just celebrating 30 years of ‘Wind of Change,’ of the iconic song and at the end of the day, this gave the song so much extra promo around the world and I guess everybody loved this podcast. It was very well done probably. He saved the best for the last asking the writer of the song if that’s true or not but I could only laugh about it and try to stay cool.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.