KISS’ Gene Simmons Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Any Friends

Gene Simmons of KISS made the headlines a few months ago when he said he didn’t have any friends because he prioritized his own wishes rather than others’. During a recent appearance on the Club Random podcast with Bill Maher, the bassist explained why he has preferred to live in solitude.

“I don’t chit-chat much, and I really don’t have many friends, maybe none at all,” Simmons said, sharing that he is not very good at maintaining small talk. “I don’t mean that in the headline-grabbing stuff that it’s meant to be, because I was almost crucified when I said it in some kind of interview someplace.”

The bassist continued, “The Daily Mail and all these people picked it up. ‘He has no friends.’ It is not that. It is usually when people talk about friends, it seems to me, ‘Hey, what are you doing? You want to come by and share brewski and watch the game.’ I don’t watch games, and I don’t drink. I don’t go to bars; I don’t go to ball games. But if I do, I’ll go as the guest of the team or something.”

So, Gene Simmons implied during the podcast that he doesn’t have any friends to hang out with in his daily life. Because he doesn’t drink or watch games, he doesn’t have a social activity that enables him to spend time with other people. The musician’s understanding of friendship differs from its conventional definition or what he usually sees around him.

In his previous interview, the bassist had also said that he gets together with his bandmate Paul Stanley only when they have to do something related to the band and stressed that they don’t hang out much outside of that. It seems like the bassist’s choice to avoid people is associated with the fact that he doesn’t want to do anything he doesn’t enjoy just for the sake of socializing.