Kirk Hammett Explains What Inspires Him While Writing Music For Metallica

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett opened up about the process of writing music for the band in addition to revealing what inspires him during a recent interview with Guitar World, and apparently, he’s constantly looking for moments that can create emotions musically.

As many of you know, in addition to being the lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett also is the contributing songwriter of the band, and he co-wrote numerous monumental Metallica songs such as ‘Creeping Death,’ ‘Fade to Black, ‘King Nothing,’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ and many more.

During a recent interview, Kirk Hammett revealed what kind of music he mostly listens to, and apparently, it’s far different from the music that Metallica has been making for decades as Hammett stated that he often listens to jazz, bossa nova, and classical music.

In addition to this, Hammett also opened up about his process of writing music for Metallica and revealed that he’s looking and listening for moments that can create emotions or feelings when it comes to music, thus when he finds those types of moments, he projects them into creating music.

Here is what Hammett said:

“I’m in the habit of listening to music that is technically more sophisticated. A lot of jazz, a lot of bossa nova, a lot of classical music. I like to hear complicated chords. I like hearing sixes, ninths, elevenths. I crave that stuff.

Also, I’m constantly listening for moments – and what I mean by moments is when something is going on musically that creates an emotion or a feeling, and everything’s happening and everyone’s hitting it and succeeding at it and getting that emotion across. And then I’ll look to create those types of moments in the music that I write for Metallica.”

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