Kelly Clarkson Explains Why Avril Lavigne Is Earning ‘So Much Money’ Off Her Track

Kelly Clarkson got one of her biggest hits, ‘Breakaway,’ from Avril Lavigne. During an interview with Howard Stern, Kelly revealed that Avril probably didn’t regret letting go of the hit, as she gained so much from it. She explained:

“I think she’s like, ‘I didn’t even have to do that [sing], and I’m making so much money.’ She had so much success, and I don’t think she thinks about that at all.”

Even though ‘Breakaway’ was a hit and it also became the album’s title, Clarkson initially had reservations about how it would fit in with the rest of the album; she continued:

“I got to own something, so I like the song, okay, I’m going to lead with that, but I’m going to be honest with you my label was like, ‘Look, if you do this, we’ll give you this,’ and so I like the song, I just didn’t feel like it fit. If you listen to the rest of that album, it doesn’t sound anything like ‘Breakaway’ like really listen to ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ or ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ or ‘Because of You’ or ‘Walk Away’ like all those songs sound nothing like this vibe so I just didn’t think it fit in.”

Kelly thought the track had a different tone compared to the rest of the album, but she trusted her label. Clarkson added:

“I’m going to give the label this one; they were really like pushing for it, and I was like, ‘Man, if y’all really believe in it, alright.’ I like country music, and I feel like it’s the most country song I’ve ever heard from Avril; it’s actually a country song to me, so that’s why I felt like it just didn’t fit. I love country music, but I didn’t feel like it fit in with the record, and then we ended up naming it ‘Breakaway.'”

The two singers had a chance to talk about the track last year on Kelly’s TV show where she revealed that she made a minor tweak to a lyric. She said:

“The lyric used to be, ‘I grew up in a small town and when the snow would fall down.’ And I asked, I was like, do you think she’d mind if I change it to rain? I didn’t grow up in snow and you didn’t. So I changed it to rain.”

You can watch Kelly Clarkson’s interview with Howard Stern, and Avril Lavigne below. You can also watch the ‘Breakaway’ music video below.