Justin Hawkins Says Jeff Buckley Was One Of Those ‘Anatomical Anomalies’

In a recent video of Justin Hawkins Rides Again, The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins analyzed Jeff Buckley’s voice and singing style. The rocker described Buckley as ‘anatomical anomalies’ while pointing out his talent for singing based on his body structure.

Jeff Buckley’s interest in music started from a young age by listening to names like Jimi Hendrix and the Who and singing harmonically with his mother at home. Over time, Buckley began proving his talent in the music scene and even received praise from his idols like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Twenty-five years after his passing, he still inspires the new generation, especially with his singing techniques.

One of those names is The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, who recently expressed his admiration for Buckley while analyzing the singer’s techniques in a video on his channel. According to Hawkins, Buckley had such excellent control over his voice that it was hard for him to determine the transition from head voice to chest voice. The singer could control his singing while even delivering quiet sounds.

Hawkins stated that Buckley was making these smooth transitions by using his body correctly. The Darkness’ guitarist described the vocalist as ‘anatomical anomalies,’ since his anatomy was so convenient to sing that he was like a ‘singing machine.’ The way Hawkins sees Buckley, he was a fantastic singer.

Justin Hawkins explained the following talking about Jeff Buckley’s singing:

“I think the best singers are hard to sort of determining where the head belting stars and the chest voice stops. I think it was especially difficult with Jeff Buckley because when he’s singing even in like mid-range, he’s got such control that he’s able to sing in a way that’s audibly quite quiet.

Then when he switches into the head voice, you don’t notice any difference in timbre or even volume, and it’s just like seamlessly transitions into using different parts of his body to resonate. He’s kind of an amazing singer. He’s definitely an amazing singer. He’s one of those ‘anatomical anomalies,’ and as I’ve always said, it’s all about anatomy. He’s blessed with basically a body that is a singing machine.”

You can check out the video below.