Justin Hawkins Compares Def Leppard To AC/DC

For about 40 years, AC/DC have always sounded like themselves, not like others, which shows how powerful and steady their sound has been. Justin Hawkins recently posted a video on his Youtube channel and compared the sound of AC/DC to Def Leppard, who also entered the rock scene in the ’70s with a different sound.

“I think I would agree with that,” said the musician while mentioning that Def Leppard disliked being labeled as glam metal. “If I had to pigeonhole Def Leppard, I mean, there’s a lot of variety in the way they approach the rock. I mean, it’s pure rock, let’s face that. I would say that if you listen to a song like ‘Photograph,’ and I’m sure I’ll cover ‘Photograph’ in more detail because it’s one of my favorites, I think that’s almost like AC/DC type rock.”

He continued, “And it’s probably one of the reasons why Mutt Lange was such a good fit. Because Mutt Lange produced, of course, ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back In Black,’ and ‘For Those About To Rock,’ et cetera, et cetera. When they do simple rock, it can be like AC/DC level pub rock almost.”

Def Leppard’s vocals and guitar riffs are highly multi-layered, melting many subgenres into one another. For instance, the Darkness frontman believes that the band could be labeled as heavy metal at certain times. However, according to Hawkins, when they have a more straightforward and simple approach, such as in ‘Photograph,’ they sound almost AC/DC.