Julian Lennon On Why John Lennon’s Name Became A Burden

Julian Lennon recently sat down with People and discussed how using his father, John Lennon‘s name, worked out for him in the music industry and why he stayed away from the business for quite a long time.

The name ‘Lennon’ will surely do wonders for anyone who carries it while trying to score a place in the music industry, as the late Beatle’s legacy still fascinates people worldwide. However, for Julian, only a part of that sentence is true: his last name did get him through the front door of any record label, but what followed after wasn’t as easy.

The singer discussed how he had to prove himself before anyone signed him into a prestigious deal since most executives only respected his last name but didn’t care much about treating him right. So, he almost always felt like he needed to prove himself, even until recent years. However, luckily, the rocker finally realized that all he needed to focus on was his creative work rather than what people thought.

Julian also discussed how he’d been reflecting on his early days as an artist and realized how toxic record labels could be since the way labels treated artists was unbelievable. This fact had led him to stay away from the business for long years, despite having two top-10 hits in the 80s and a promising career.

Lennon on how he needed to prove himself and using his father’s last name:

“The name got me in the front door, no question about that. [But] I was signed without my name. I’ve had the feeling of having had to prove myself even up till now to a certain degree. But I do believe that I’ve reached that kind of headspace and that position where I shouldn’t really care anymore. It’s really about getting on with the creative work at hand, regardless what medium that is.”

The rocker on the ‘abuse’ the industry had:

“I was going back over things that have happened to me in the past, and I was actually shocked at how the industry and the people in the industry treat artists. I mean, it’s disturbing; it truly is. The abuse is unbelievable.”

Although carrying the name ‘Lennon’ surely helped Julian, it didn’t do him wonders when he needed to impress label executives and audiences. He had to work hard to get where he’s today as an artist, and proving himself wasn’t as easy as it sounded.