Julian Lennon Claims Americans Were Oblivious To John Lennon’s Dark Side

John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon recently spoke to Channel 4 News about his family and his father’s dark side, especially in the American context. During the conversation, Julian revealed that the love and strength of his mom, Cynthia Lennon, helped him through difficult times.

Lennon shared that he idolized his father in terms of music and said:

“I was able to separate the man, the myth and the legend, and everything else. But a lot of people couldn’t, so when I first started going to America and touring in America, nobody understood the darker side of that relationship. They always thought everything was fine and happy, whether they were in denial or quite a bit oblivious to the reality of the situation.”

He explained how people would treat him:

“So that was a weird one dealing with people that… I won’t say were ignorant, but people would approach me without thinking about what they were going to say or do. It was always an effort to try and be nice.”

The late Beatle’s son was asked how much music his father taught him, to which he replied:

“Not so much. Funnily enough, the most vivid memory is actually when I went to visit him in New York when he was with May Pang at that time, whose photo was on the album cover. That particular point in time, he was really quite relaxed. We’d sit in front of each other with an acoustic guitar, and he’d teach me how to play some of the basics, the old rock ‘n’ roll basics.”

It seems that Julian didn’t think he would follow his father’s steps. He explained:

“I love that, but I didn’t think it was going to lead to anything that I was going to follow in his foot, so I was just there with Dad, and we were playing on a guitar. That was lovely, so I didn’t think outside the box on that one. It was just being in the moment, being present, and enjoying that.”

Julian opened up about his mixed relationship with his father in an earlier interview. Despite seeming to have had a decent relationship with his father to those who don’t know about the past of the two, in reality, the son was left alone with his mother while John was on his way to pursue fame. Julian said in the interview that he would eventually heal, and his mother had been the most important woman in his life.

During the mid-1970s, John attempted to reconnect with his son. May Pang helped the two improve their relationship and convinced Lennon to invite Julian and his mother to visit, marking their first reunion in years.

See the latest interview below.