Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Admits The Emotional Struggles He Had After Cancer Diagnosis

Judas Priest lead vocalist Rob Halford recently appeared in a conversation with the Prostate Cancer Uncensored podcast hosted by Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French. Halford opened up about his emotional struggle after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Rob Halford has made considerable contributions to the heavy metal scene with his wide-ranging operatic vocal. He has become an icon by reaching many people, especially as the singer of Judas Priest. Unfortunately, throughout his successful career, the rocker faced several health problems and shared his struggle with the public.

As revealed in the ‘Behind the Music’ documentary, Halford had challenges due to hiding his sexuality which caused him to consume lots of alcohol and substance during his career. His substance use increased over time because of the personal problems in his life. The vocalist won his battle with addiction and has been sober since 1986.

Metal God underwent back and hernia surgery in 2013 and 2014. His prostate cancer symptoms revealed themselves in 2017, and he was diagnosed with it during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Halford had a successful prostatectomy surgery in 2020, and one year later, he received radiation treatment after more cancer was found. Later, the vocalist clarified that he became cancer free in June 2021.

In a recent conversation, Halford shared his emotional struggle while dealing with prostate cancer. As the rocker revealed, his doctor had suspicions about his health-check results. So the singer had this issue on his mind while traveling worldwide to complete his tour. Halford stated that it was an emotionally challenging process for him since the men from his generation do not easily open up about their emotions or health. While thinking about his health, he had to deal with it alone, not talking about his feelings.

Rob Halford explained in his words:

“And let me quickly say that it’s a guy thing, right? It’s a guy thing. I’m a 70-year-old metalhead. I came from a generation when men didn’t talk about these kinds of things. We never really talked about our health. We always found it difficult to open up emotionally, let alone anything else. So on top of all of the things that I was dealing with on the road and having a great time, I knew this was lurking in the back of my mind.

Anyway, so we’re talking about three years back now, maybe. I see my new doctor in Phoenix, and he runs the tests again, and he goes, ‘I’ve got to get you in to see my guy.’ And that’s when this incredible journey started for me to battle prostate cancer.”

You can watch the conversation below.