Journey’s Steve Perry Hints At A New Album, ‘I Have Too Much Original Material’

Journey icon Steve Perry opened up about his first-ever Christmas album, ‘The Season,’ during a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. The singer also reflected on his future projects and stated that he has a ton of original material that’s waiting to be released including an album.

Steve Perry released his first solo album in 24 years and the first recording of any kind in 22 with ‘Traces‘  on October 5, 2018. The record debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and received positive reception both from critics and fans with successful singles such as ‘No Erasin’,’ ‘No More Cryin’,’ and ‘We’re Still Here.’

As his third solo record marked the return of Perry to releasing music again, the former Journey singer also released his first-ever Christmas album named ‘The Season‘ on November 5, 2021. The album debuted high on several Billboard charts, including No. 4 on Top Holiday Albums.

During a recent interview, the musician opened up about making music after a long period of hiatus when it comes to releasing original material. Apparently, Steve Perry had plenty of time to write songs during all those years he didn’t release music and has already been working on new projects since completing his Christmas album.

Furthermore, the rocker promised to work on his already existing original material as well as finish them in terms of an album. Perry also stated that the upcoming album is going to be completely different than his last studio album, ‘Traces,’ but kept further details to himself for now.

Regarding a new album, Perry said:

“The good news is I have too much original material. I just hope people out there want to keep hearing some material from me, but I’m gonna finish the stuff no matter what. The new music is definitely different from the ‘Traces’ record but it’s too early to start talking about it specifically.”

You can listen to ‘No Erasin” below.