Jonathan Davis Expresses Vulnerability After Health Problems, Korn Members Show Their Support


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis expressed his feelings after testing positive for COVID-19 and successfully recovering by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

This summer, Korn finally returned to the stage and met their audience after a long break. However, the band had to postpone some shows from the tour last month after some crew members tested positive for COVID-19. Although it was initially kept a secret, the band ultimately announced that Jonathan Davis got it.

Since his diagnosis, the frontman had been on medical leave, during which he’s been concentrating on his well-being. About two weeks later, Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch gave an update on Jonathan’s health status. Brian revealed that Jonathan is physically and mentally struggling, and he has been suffering from the after-effects of COVID-19.

Even though Jonathan felt pretty awful during this period, he decided to get back on the stage in late August. During the show, he told the audience that he feels weak but refuses to cancel the show. The Korn family and their fans have been very supportive of the 50-year-old singer.

Thousands have been sending him gifts, prayers, and messages filled with good wishes to ensure that he doesn’t feel alone. With his recent post, Jonathan wanted to show his gratitude towards everyone who’s been there to cheer for him.

The musician said that he is feeling better day by day and added that he’s never felt so much love throughout his career. After a short period, Korn members and other musicians showed their support to the singer in the comments section.

Jonathan Davis showed his gratitude:

“I’m not really good at this. I only know how to express my emotions is thru singing. I can not thank all the people who prayed and wished me healing enough.

In my whole career, I’ve never felt so much love. I just want you all to know how much I love and appreciate all of you. I’m feeling better as each day passes. “

Brian Welch commented:

“I love that photo! You’re doing great, proud of you.”

Korn guitarist Munky was one of the people who showed his love for the singer:

“Korn powers activate!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Davis – Instagram