Jon Bon Jovi’s Nickname For Steve Perry

What do you do when something you once found so much fun and intriguing no longer bears the passion and enthusiasm for you? What do you do when you get up, look in the mirror, and realize that you no longer have the desire? As Neil Young once uttered, was it really ‘better to burn out than to fade away?

Well, after selling millions of records worldwide, excessive touring, and never-ending studio sessions, Steve Perry probably realized one day that he no longer much enjoyed taking the mic in his hand, meeting with fans, and singing. The Journey icon learned the hard way that it wasn’t any better to burn out than to fade away, as he decided to take a step back from it all, settling for a less troubling life.

Perry was probably at the peak of his popularity during the late ’70s and ’80s as he received respect, recognition, and honorary nods from all over the rock scene as many fellow rockers and critics admired Perry’s ‘golden’ voice. Well, among the rockers who were fascinated with Steve was none other than Jon Bon Jovi, who, with all his might, was mesmerized by the frontman’s talent.

So, one day, in 1989, having left Journey two years prior, Perry decided to take the stage with Jon during a Bon Jovi gig, singing iconic pieces from Sam Cooke and Four Tops. Their duet was a rare treasure, as we wouldn’t see Steve perform for another few years. Well, this team-up wasn’t the only instance where Bon Jovi would disclose his admiration for the singer as he gave Perry an honorary nickname.

Bon Jovi would dub ‘The Voice’ whenever he had to mention Perry. Even when there were all the other fascinating voices around the rock scene, for Bon Jovi, Steve Perry deserved the nickname ‘the’ voice as the Journey frontman couldn’t have any duplicates with his unique vocals.

However, even with Jon Bon Jovi’s fascination with Steve Perry and many others admiring his voice, the singer felt like he had lost interest in singing and got tired of hearing his own ‘golden’ vocals. So, he decided to leave the spotlight behind him and take a more peaceful road, leading to a quieter life.