Jon Bon Jovi’s Alternative Career Plan

There isn’t a guarantee that a musician will make it in the music industry if they put their mind to it and work hard. Plenty of people work harder than most but don’t get the big break that allows them to continue making music as a full-time job. Even though they deserve the glamour that comes with being a rock star, more often than not, they need to pivot and figure out a different career plan. 

The tough road to success, filled with struggles and competition, wasn’t different for Jon Bon Jovi. The vocalist had to go through many phases to reach the popularity he enjoyed as Bon Jovi’s frontman. Although he was lucky enough to become a legend in the rock ‘n’ roll scene and achieve tremendous success, the singer had thought of alternative plans in case his career as a musician didn’t pan out.

What Would Jon Bon Jovi Do If He Wasn’t A Frontman?

The charismatic frontman the world came to know as Jon Bon Jovi managed to build a worldwide reputation and become one of the most successful musicians in rock history. However, there were times when he wasn’t sure he could make it in the saturated music industry as it felt like the luck of the draw, so he always had a backup plan.

In a Time Out Dubai feature in 2010, Jon Bon Jovi shared his thoughts about his alternative career plans in case his role as a lead singer or Bon Jovi didn’t work out, and he was forced to figure out a different path for his life. The frontman shared that even if his role as the lead were a bust, he still would want to work for Bon Jovi. He could have put on all kinds of hats if it meant he would be a part of the Bon Jovi team.

He shared that he could’ve worked as a road crew member, a manager, or a stewardess; everyone on the Bon Jovi team has a good job, and most of them have stayed with them for a long time. So, they offer a comfortable and stable career opportunity if a person is lucky enough to be a part of it.

Jon Bon Jovi’s words about his different career plans if he couldn’t be a lead singer:

Working for Bon Jovi. Anyone, from the road crew to management, hasn’t got a bad gig. Being the stewardess is also pretty good. A lot of people have been with us most of their adult lives. Good work if you can get it.”

Fortunately, Jon Bon Jovi didn’t need his backup plan to survive in the world with a different career. However, more importantly, it was fortunate that he could make it so that people worldwide had a chance to listen to his craft that has made such an impact in the history of the rock world.