John Taylor Expresses Fear And Anxiety For Duran Duran’s Upcoming Tour

During a recent interview with Allison Hagendorf, Duran Duran bassist John Taylor disclosed his concerns and anxiety about the upcoming Duran Duran tour. When the bassist was asked how he stays both mentally and physically fit in the busy schedule, Taylor answered by mentioning what he has to do every day. He said:

“There’s the playing which you’ve got to have; your playing game has got to be up, so that means practicing every day whether you want to or not, which in my case is pretty much every day.”

Taylor then added by explaining what worried him and caused him fears the most on stage:

“Then there is just the physical- making sure your body is up for it. I’m not really an athletic person; I was never athletic as a kid. I have to push myself into fitness, but as it gets closer, it’s just fear, really. It’s just fear starts coming in. If you don’t get on top of this because there’s just nothing worse than walking out on a stage and not having the gas in the tank. It’s horrible.”

He also revealed his wish to do more gigs, concluding:

“I live for gigging, and we don’t do that much of it. I don’t know how many shows we’re gonna do this year; probably gonna do maybe 50 at most. But out of 300 and so many days, you want that time on stage, you want it all to be magic, so you’ve gotta bring your game.”

Sharing his concerns about his own health and well-being, similarly, the bassist shared his thoughts earlier when his former band member Andy Taylor was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. The bassist, addressing the use of the phrase ‘men of a certain age‘, said:

“I hate that term, ‘men of a certain age’. There’s a lot of it around, I’m aware a lot of people are issues, it’s the big word that comes up, so you’ve got to know as much as you can at all times.”

Though Andy is unsuitable for touring now, the band later revealed they would work together on the new Duran Duran album.

See the interview below.