John Lydon On KISS: ‘Without The Makeup, There Ain’t Much Going On’

John Lydon recently discussed why he thought KISS wasn’t much outside their makeup while talking with SPIN.

The former Sex Pistol was criticizing Hollywood for having ‘no personality,’ when the host asked if he felt there were also musical acts who lacked personalities in the rock scene. Lydon answered:

“A lot the heavy metal acts that go out dressed up in makeup and tights [don’t have personalities]. It’s an image to them, and that’s very important.”

However, the singer also had one act to leave out of his criticization:

“Alice Cooper’s one of my all-time favorites. The sheer way he turned it into theater was great. I loved it as a young person and I still do. Every time I see him playing live, I’m there.”

Still, although Alice seemed to be an exception, KISS wasn’t as lucky:

“But there’s a lot that are selling you an image that’s false, deliberately fake, and deliberately commercial. I’ve met the KISS lads. They’re all right. You know, [but] without the makeup, there ain’t much going on.”

Lydon’s Public Image Ltd’ is currently celebrating the release of their latest album, ‘End of World,’ as the frontman has been under the spotlight lately to promote the record. The rocker even quite recently made the headlines when he said ‘Donald Trump was the modern-day Sex Pistol,’ and you can check out here to read the full reason why Lydon thinks the former President is the anarchist of politics.

For the Sex Pistols front, however, the news doesn’t seem too well, as during his chat with SPIN, Lydon stated that a possible reunion wasn’t impossible. Before he shut the door on his former band, however, former bassist Glen Matlock had criticized John by saying the frontman’s political views had made it impossible for the band to get together.