John Lennon’s Son Sean Complains About Modern Musicians’ Hardships

Musician Sean Lennon recently revealed on his X account (formerly known as Twitter) that he is considering opening a Friend Tech account, a ‘social media platform for crypto people who also happen to have an X account.’ When questioned about the financial benefits of such a move, Sean said he enjoys staying updated, then brought up the Writers Guild Strike and pointed out that it might be too late for musicians:

“Musicians no longer get paid fairly for writing songs so I’m always curious about what the future might be for artists in general. Hollywood strikes are them trying to stop what happened to music happening to Hollywood. It’s too late for musicians so there may be some alternative decentralized direct to fan system. This might not be it but no harm checking it out.”

Sean Lennon was critical of Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter as X. In a recent tweet he wrote:

“Losing the Twitter brand name seems like a really bad idea to me. That kind of ubiquitous global household recognition is priceless. X already has a lot of baggage in terms of associations. From X Games to Xbox to X rated…Twitter grew organically, and abandoning that logo/name seems wrong from a business perspective.”

You can find Sean’s tweet below.