John Lennon’s Son Julian Breaks His Rules About His Father To Stand Up For Ukraine

Lat Beatles singer John Lennon’s son Julian recently broke his silence about Ukraine by singing his father’s song named ‘Imagine.’ He had previously stated that he would only sing this song at the end of the world. A few days ago, he posted a video on his Instagram singing the song for Ukrainians.

Julian Lennon is John Lennon’s first son with his first wife, Cynthia. He was born in 1963 and was five years old when his parents divorced dramatically. Throughout the years after his father’s death in 1980, he voiced his opinions about how much of a hypocrite he was for defending peace outside but having chaos in family matters.

As he grew older, he established his own musical and photography career. He released seven studio albums and is active on Instagram with his photography skills. With the current political problems between Russia and Ukraine, he decided to use his power as a talented musician and as the son of John Lennon to make a statement and stand against the war blasted upon Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He had stated that he would not play his father’s peace anthem ‘Imagine’ unless it was the end of the world. He felt like the world was coming to an end as he covered the song for the first time to maintain peace in Ukraine. He urged people to support peace and donate to Ukrainians in need. He condemned the violence and promoted peace amid war.

Here is the caption of the video:

“The War on Ukraine is an unimaginable tragedy…

As a human and as an artist, I felt compelled to respond in the most significant way I could. So today, for the first time ever, I publicly performed my Dad’s song, ‘Imagine.’ Why now, after all these years? I had always said that the only time I would ever consider singing ‘Imagine’ would be if it was the ‘End of the World.’ But also because his lyrics reflect our collective desire for peace worldwide.

Because within this song, we’re transported to a space where love and togetherness become our reality, if but for a moment in time. The song reflects the light at the end of the tunnel that we are all hoping for. As a result of the ongoing murderous violence, millions of innocent families have been forced to leave the comfort of their homes to seek asylum elsewhere.

I’m calling on world leaders and everyone who believes in the sentiment of ‘Imagine’ to stand up for refugees everywhere! Please advocate and donate from the heart.

—Julian Lennon”

‘Imagine’ was released in 1971 in the album of the same name by John Lennon. The song made an immense sensation worldwide, especially among those who advocate peace worldwide. The song suggests a life without surrendering to material aspects of it and focusing on a peaceful way of living. With the Russia and Ukraine conflict today, the song seems to be very fitting to be covered by the singer’s son.

You can listen to Julian Lennon’s performance below.