Joey Ramone’s Love Triangle With Johnny Ramone And His Wife Linda

We sometimes see the personal lives of our favorite singers as the topic of news narratives. Instinctively, we feel the desire to know more because most of us would love to be a part of our favorites’ stories. So, we do research and speculate on the details. At some point, speculations and research turn these public figures into characters from a movie for us.

One of the most intriguing and appealing aspects of their lives is romance. The world of rock and roll hosted many romance stories throughout its existence. The love triangle between Pattie Boyd, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton is a nice example of that. Their love story aroused many people’s curiosity and has been written about many times.

Today’s love story, however, is about Ramones. In addition to the music, some members of Ramones became the subjects of a romance narrative. Decades ago, Linda Daniele and Johnny Ramone started a relationship. The problem is that before her relationship with Johnny, Linda dated his bandmate, Joey Ramone. This situation, of course, aroused questions and opinions.

Some speculated that Linda broke Joey’s heart by leaving him for Johnny. Others believed that the relationship was already over when Linda and Johnny started dating, but Joey could not accept the situation. For a time, the details of how their affair started remained ambiguous; however, it was a fact that the relationship between the two members got tense.

According to some rumors, the tension between them was so high that Joey and Johnny had a physical fight. Joey reportedly ended up with a severe injury after the encounter. But despite all of that, somehow, the band remained together, preserving their professional relations even after Linda and Johnny got married in 1984.

All the speculations aside, the truth about these details is hidden in the participants’ memories. In addition to Johnny Ramone’s autobiography, we have Linda’s words to know more. According to Linda, who talked to Fox News in 2020, thanks to their desire to put the band’s well-being above themselves, things did not get as bad as it was speculated to be. Apparently, Joey was more accepting of Linda and Johnny’s romance than reflected.

Linda stated the following:

“The negativity comes from the whole love triangle thing. People are always like, ‘Oh, she broke Joey’s heart.’ It was our first love, me and Joey. So it was very deep, and it was amazing. But at one point, Johnny fell in love with me… When Joey [learned] Johnny was in love with me, it was either [accept it] or break up the band. None of us, the three of us, ever put each other first. The band always came first. That’s how it was. We all knew it.

So when it came time for Joey and me to break up, we understood. It was time to move on. Johnny was in love with me; I had been falling in love with Johnny. Joey knew that. For the first couple of years, I didn’t speak to Joey, and then, of all a sudden, this guy was doing a Ramones book. And out of the blue, Joey called me.

From that moment on, Joey and I always stayed in touch. I know people go, ‘Oh, you broke his heart.’ But Joey got another girlfriend right away after I left! He moved on. He had plenty of girlfriends after me. [But] we spoke. He and I had a very nice, friendly relationship.”

In the end, there actually was some kind of a love triangle between Linda and the members of Ramones, Joey, and Johnny. Still, it seems like it was not as dramatic and tense as it was rumored to be. Eventually, the gist of the speculations about famous figures of the rock world can only be thoroughly explained if you learn about the actual details. Then, you only have your mind to interpret what actually happened.