Joe Satriani Says George Harrison Shunned Showing Off Technique In His Guitar Playing

Joe Satriani talked about his most significant musical influences at the beginning of his successful career as a musician during his latest interview with Face Culture. Satriani stated that the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison had different ideas about showing his guitar playing skills.

George Harrison’s primary inspirations were George Formby, Chet Atkins, Bob Dylan, and Chuck Berry. These musicians contributed significantly to Harrison’s journey as a Beatles member and solo musician. Even though Paul McCartney and John Lennon drew greater attention with their songwriting partnership and authority over the band’s creative process, its guitarist became an influential person for the young generations.

As one of these next-generation musicians, Joe Satriani named Harrison one of his heroes, along with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck while learning how to play guitar and started to hit the rock stage.  In addition, in one of the interviews that he joined, the guitarist defined the Beatles icon as one of the most underrated guitarists. According to Satriani, his unmatchable skills should be more appreciated.

Furthermore, Satriani stated that both Harrison and Hendrix, who can be considered rock and roll pioneers, didn’t show off their technical capabilities as guitar players. Therefore, the guitarist was surprised when the fusion started, and the new rock stars were very keen on revealing every difference and detail about their guitar playing, unlike Satriani’s influences. Then, he added that he wasn’t technically gifted and practiced a lot to be good at it.

Satriani said in his interview that:

“I would say that I am not as technically gifted as most of my guitar-playing friends, and I guess I’ve had to work around it. I grew up loving rock and roll and the beginnings of rock music, but when the fusion started, I noticed that there was this trend toward picking every note and showing off technical prowess.

That sounded like exercises, but I realized that they were elevating it into some new art form, whereas my heroes played in a very different way. Whether it was Hendrix or George Harrison, they played in a more expressive way, and they shunned showing off techniques that sounded like exercises.

You can check out the interview below.