Joe Perry Recalls Choosing The Fleetwood Mac Show Over The Rolling Stones’


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recalled when the Rolling Stones were rumored to have their final tour during a recent interview with SPIN. The guitarist revealed that he chose to watch the Fleetwood Mac show over the Rolling Stones despite having tickets for both concerts.

In his career spanning over five decades, Joe Perry is best known for his long tenure in Aerosmith as the band’s lead guitarist and founding member. Besides that, Perry also formed a solo band named The Joe Perry Project in 1979. The guitarist released three studio albums with the band during the early 1980s.

Joe Perry is also a member of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, including Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp. The band has been performing cover songs of the rock stars who died in the 1970s. They released two studio albums in 2015 and the latest one in 2019. Joe Perry has been quite productive throughout his career with all these bands and continues to perform on stage.

During a recent interview, the guitarist reflected on his peers who are still performing like him after all these years. Joe Perry said he couldn’t believe it had been this long since he watched the Who or Fleetwood Mac performing. Then, he remembered when he was in a rock club back in 1968 to watch Fleetwood Mac play.

The Rolling Stones was also having a show simultaneously, and his friends asked if he wanted to come and watch them as it could’ve been their last tour due to the complications they had during this period. However, Perry foresaw that they would continue performing, so he decided to stay and watch Fleetwood Mac instead of them.

Here is how Joe Perry recalled the time he chose Fleetwood Mac over the Rolling Stones:

“I mean, it seems like yesterday I was watching the Who back in 1968. Just for a little perspective on this, I remember it was either ’68 or ’69. I was at the Boston Tea Party, out by the ticket window. Fleetwood Mac was playing. A couple of friends of mine had an extra ticket to see the Stones. They told me, ‘This could be the last tour.’ You know, with Keith and everything. I said, ‘I think I’m going to stay and watch Fleetwood Mac.'”

Aerosmith canceled their long-awaited UK and European tour due to the pandemic, but they have recently announced they will be back on stage for their long-running ‘Deuces Are Wild‘ Las Vegas residency. The shows are scheduled to begin on June 17, 2022, and end on December 11, 2022.