Joe Lynn Turner Says People Are Trying To ‘Decimate’ Roger Waters

In a recent interview with Ruben Mosqueda of We Go To 11, Joe Lynn Turner shared his thoughts about Roger Waters, who always speaks his mind while discussing controversial issues.

Artists expressing strong feelings about their political views can be tricky because the repercussions of said opinions can cause fans to turn their back on the artists. Their stance may lead to online hate and bullying, and since Turner and Waters are two musicians that are open books about their political ideas, this makes them controversial for most people.

Recently Joe Lynn Turner shared his opinions about foreign policy issues, including the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. His views received backlash and caused quite a turmoil for the musician. However, he doesn’t seem shaken by the comments as he also included his political ideologies in his forthcoming album, ‘Belly Of The Beast.’

Turner, therefore, touched on Waters’ divisive opinions and praised him for fighting for what he truly believes. He said that many are in the business of canceling and banning people that don’t agree with certain ideas, which he considers very concerning as people should have the freedom to speak their minds.

Following that, the musician added that Waters’ opinions had turned him into a target, and he is now fighting for his freedom. He said that the country’s current state is terrifying because everyone lives in fear of each other and everything around them. Hence, his new album, where he discusses the concept of a fallen world, is what everyone experiences daily.

Joe Lynn Turner’s words about Roger Water’s fight for freedom:

“Roger Waters is still fighting the good fight. And they’re trying to decimate him in any way they can. When they don’t like something that you say doesn’t fit the narrative they’ve created, they’ll ban you, stop your speech, crush you, call you names, and sometimes even assassinate you.

This is not freedom. You have got to fight to be free, man. Freedom is not free. And everybody’s living in fear, as far as I’m concerned — fear of everything and each other. And that’s pretty psychotic. That really is. That will create the fallen world I talk about on the record.”

You can watch the interview below.