Joe Lynn Turner On Winning Yngwie Malmsteen’s Trust

There is a whole line of musicians with a rather problematic reputation, including the notorious Yngwie Malmsteen. However, Joe Lynn Turner, who had the chance to work with the guitarist back in the late 1980s, came to his defense by explaining the nature of Malmsteen, which most people tend to misinterpret, while speaking to Linea Rock.

“In his defense, you know, Yngwie’s a perfectionist,” revealed Turner about the guitarist. “When you’re dealing with a perfectionist, you’re always going to have a commanding presence. You’re always going to have somebody who’s not going to agree with anyone else but himself, but I think what happened is that I won his trust, and I won his respect both personally and professionally.”

After you understand Malmsteen and his ticks, getting on his good side is much easier. After Joe Lynn Turner earned his respect, their project quickly came to life. He recalled, “I think ‘Odyssey’ was maybe, in my opinion, in a lot of people’s opinions, the best work we did together; in other words, I thought he played brilliantly. I thought the songs were amazing. I know that was some of my best performances; we were very strong in those days.”

It’s not to say that Malmsteen is easy to be around or have casual interaction with because Turner also experienced moments where the two butted heads and disagreed on minor matters. However, ‘Odyssey’ still became one of Turner’s favorite projects ever, and he remembers their collaboration fondly. If you haven’t lent an ear just yet, this might be the time to listen to the duo’s full-length album.