Joe Lynn Turner Explains Why Ritchie Blackmore Can Be A Difficult Person

Former Deep Purple and Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner recently sat down with WHMH FM Rockin’ 101 radio station. The singer gave insight into his experience working with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who was known to have mood swings here and there.

The two musicians haven’t always seen eye to eye. More specifically, last year, Turner’s reaction to Blackmore’s decision to play Deep Purple and Rainbow tracks with a new roster of musicians instead of trying to bring the remaining members together to create a more authentic reunion for fans as they discussed showed where he stood with the ‘reunion.’

Although there have been high-tension moments between the musicians, Turner shared that he respects Blackmore. The singer doesn’t brush off the fact that the guitarist is hard to work with as a perfectionist, but they still managed to create killer songs for Rainbow that made it on the charts.

Joe Lynn Turner’s words about Ritchie Blackmore read:

“Oh, man, I’ve got nothing but good things [to say]. There’s always negativity in bands, but I respect Ritchie, and he’s very brilliant at what he does. And, yeah, he can be difficult, but other than that, anybody who knows what they want and what they’re doing is difficult because he’s a perfectionist. And being a perfectionist myself, we got along on that. And we came out with such great songs together and pushed Rainbow into a different area on the Billboard charts and so on. And we just had a blast doing it. So I have fond memories of him, difficult or not.”

Ritchie has become notorious for being a challenging musician to work with, and Turner does agree. Still, he also acknowledges all the good times they shared when it was the prime years of Rainbow, and they were unstoppable. Even though the guitarist is difficult, Joe Lynn still has a lot of respect for what the guitarist has done with his career.