Joe Elliott Shares The Def Leppard Song Inspired By Mick Jagger


Frontman Joe Elliott recently spoke to Consequence and talked about how The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger inspired the band to write a song. The famous musician also detailed the night Jagger decided to work on an iconic piece.

Def Leppard released their fourth studio album, ‘Hysteria’ on August 3, 1987, and it received positive reviews from rock music lovers and critics due to its well-crafted sounds and lyrics. Its title alludes to drummer Rick Allen’s tragic car accident resulting in losing his arm and how the world and media perceived it. The record followed the success of their previous album ‘Pyromania’ by hitting the charts and selling millions worldwide.

The album’s tracks such as ‘Animal,’ ‘Love Bites,’ ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ and ‘Excitable’ became popular and many Def Leppard fans’ favorites. In his interview, Elliott shared the story of the creation process of ‘Excitable’ and stated that everything began when Mick Jagger and The Yardbirds’ Jeff Beck went to a gay nightclub together. The singer highlighted that the atmosphere inspired Jagger to record a song with a pop icon.

That famous track was ‘State of Shock,’ a The Jacksons single featuring Jagger, which dropped on June 18, 1984. The Def Leppard lead singer added that when they listened to this work, they decided to create and record ‘Excitable.’ Consequently, it can be said that the two legendary artists’ project greatly influenced their creation process.

In Elliott’s words, he said:

“We were so isolated out there when we were doing that record, but there were moments where we would get inspiration from the day cause we were so isolated, in our bubble, everything was coming from us, from within.  Until the odd occasion when… It was a four-studio complex, and Mick Jagger came in. He brought Jeff Beck along with him and took us all out to a nightclub.

It happened to be a gay nightclub that played loads of disco, which kind of inspired him to do ‘State of Shock’ with Michael Jackson. When we listened to that song, that inspired us to write ‘Excitable,’ and it all came about the networking we did or the rest of it, just listening to the music that is happening at the time.”

You can check out the interview and songs below.