Jimmy Page’s Supergroup That Robert Plant Refused To Join

Jimmy Page had a different plan in mind when The Yardbirds ended. His first choice, Terry Reid, turned him down, but he later put out a suggestion that would become one of the turning points for the new band. Reid had previously seen Robert Plant‘s band as a support act at one of his shows and advised Page to consider him instead. When Robert Plant arrived, he proposed John Bonham, with whom he had previously collaborated on many projects. The duo joined Page and John Paul Jones, and the rock legend, Led Zeppelin, was born in 1968.

The short journey of the quartet left one of the most unforgettable traces in the music world. In October 1980, only 12 years after its inception, the news devastated the Zeppelin members. John Bonham had passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. After his death, some members considered taking a hiatus while others embarked on different projects. Jimmy Page was one of the latter and formed a supergroup after a while as a kind of tribute to Led Zeppelin. He had invited his former bandmate, Robert Plant, to play in the band, but Plant had some reasons not to join.

Why Did Robert Plant Refuse To Join Jimmy Page’s Band?

Jimmy Page has been working non-stop since he stepped onto the music scene, even though some of his projects were left unfinished from time to time. Led Zeppelin’s disbandment following the unfortunate death of John Bonham didn’t stop Page either, and he began work on a supergroup just before Christmas of 1980. The band’s name was XYZ, an abbreviation for eX-Yes-Zeppelin. As an ex-Zeppelin member, he would be on guitar, along with ex-Yes members Chris Squire on bass guitar, vocals, and keyboards and Alan White on drums.

Thinking that the band also needed a good vocalist, he made an offer to his former bandmate Robert Plant. The vocalist did show up for one rehearsal in the winter of 1981 but ultimately decided against joining the band. There were two reasons for this decision. One of them was that he didn’t like the band’s music very much; he found it too complex. The other was the death of John Bonham. It had been a short time since his close friend passed, and he was still grieving.

After Plant’s absence, the band experienced some contractual issues, and Jimmy Page’s supergroup project was shelved. However, with XYZ’s future uncertain, the remaining band members, Squire and White, recorded various materials in different collaborations. It is also known that some of these materials were used on Cinema’s ‘90125’ album, a Yes reformation.