Jerry Cantrell Wants To Work With Faith No More’s Mike Patton

Alice in Chains’ vocalist and guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently shared his opinions about Faith No More’s lead vocalist Mike Patton during an interview with Metal Hammer. Jerry talked about how much the singer influenced him and confessed that he would love to jam with Mike someday.

Cantrell released his most recent solo album just over ten days ago, which became his first independent record. Even though he didn’t release it with a record company, the album reached a wide audience online and the fans loved it. The singles, titled ‘Atone,’ ‘Brighten,’ and ‘Siren Song,’ were released before the album. They gave a hint to the fans that Cantrell will be taking the listener on an epic journey with the album, and it met their expectations.

The talented musician recently joined an interview with Metal Hammer, and he confessed his admiration towards Faith No More’s Mike Patton. He stated that he thinks the vocalist is ‘sick’ and he would love it if he got the chance to collaborate with him. Jerry also stated that his inspiration to make ‘Brighten’ an independent record came from Patton when Greg Puciato, Cantrell’s friend and Former Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist, transferred information from Patton to Cantrell.

Admiring his talents and creativity, this is what Cantrell said about Patton:

“I never have [played with him], but I would love to. Patton is sick. I love how versatile he is, the energy that he is, and he’s got so many different voices; I don’t think he’s ever satisfied, and that’s why he keeps swimming so fast. It’s amazing to see all the notes and the different art that he puts out.”

Here is how he continued to state that he was inspired to make ‘Brighten’ an independent record:

“I also took a little bit of a lesson out of his book by going it alone and making indie records. Greg Puciato is good mates with Patton as well, and he’s had experience doing independent records and running everything out of a little mom-and-pop store instead of a major record label structure. So that’s another really interesting feature about this record. It’s my first completely independent record. And I definitely took some notes and guidance from Greg, and Mike Patton through Greg in that department.”

The fans would look forward to a collaboration between Faith No More and Alice In Chains, or Jerry Cantrell and Mike Patton. There isn’t an official statement from either of the sides whether this collaboration will happen in the future. However, Cantrell is looking forward to such an opportunity.