Jerry Cantrell Shares The Main Difference Between Alice In Chains And His Solo Work


Alice in Chains’ founder and lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell revealed the differences between being in the band and pursuing his solo career in a recent conversation he joined on Sirius XM.

Jerry Cantrell gained a massive reputation with Alice in Chains when the grunge movement started to spread in the early ’90s in Seattle. Cantrell and Layne Staley’s harmonized vocals carried the whole group to a different level by adding a distinctive style to the band. After Staley’s passing, Cantrell has continued to create this harmonization with the vocalist William DuVall. He also began to sing lead vocals in the group’s second studio EP ‘Sap.’

Besides contributing to Alice in Chains as a singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter, Cantrell has also focused on his solo career since 1996. The musician’s first solo work was the song ‘Leave Me Alone,’ which came out as the soundtrack of a 1996 movie called ‘The Cable Guy.’ Later, he released the debut album, ‘Boggy Depot’ in 1998 and had success with songs like ‘Cut You In’ and ‘My Song.’

Cantrell’s latest album, ‘Brighten,’ was released in 2021 as his first independent album. He did not only sing on the album, but also he played the guitar, bass, and keyboards. The rocker later announced that he would hit the road to promote the album. This tour will start on March 24 and end on May 8, 2022.

In a recent conversation, Cantrell explained the differences between his works with the band and his solo career. The musician stated that working in the band was a ‘collaborative effort’ as they equally contributed to the pieces. According to the rocker, his solo efforts were also similar because there was teamwork in the solo works as well. Besides, that was easy to tell the difference, as Cantrell mentioned. If he wrote the song himself, it was not an Alice in Chains record.

When asked to compare his solo and band works, Jerry Cantrell explained in his words:

“The main difference is I’ve written a lot of music. I’ve been fortunate that the guys allowed me to write and be that kind of majority force in that way in the band, to let that my voice speak in that way and share on that and make the songs better like they inevitably do by adding their beats, soul, and performances to it that make it far better than I could on my own. It’s a collaborative effort.

In that sense, working outside is similar because everybody else is adding their ideas too, and everybody is elevating; everybody wants to make the best record or song possible. The only difference is the people I’m making it with, I guess. I get asked this question a lot. It’s a simple answer. What makes it an Alice in Chains song is that Alice in Chains records it, then it’s an Alice in Chains song. If Alice in Chains doesn’t record it, it’s my song.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.