Jerry Cantrell Reflects On Gene Simmons’ ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claim

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently shared his insights on Gene Simmons’ much-debated ‘rock is dead’ claim.

There has been an endless debate questioning whether rock music is dead or not. In 2014, Gene Simmons argued that rock is dead and initiated this argument amongst old and contemporary rock musicians. In the statement, Gene Simmons claimed the rock scene previously had music acts like Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, and such.

However, the KISS bassist said there are no contemporaries to continue their legacy now. Following that, many rock musicians disagreed with Simmons and issued their own statements stressing that rock is not dead yet. For instance, Wolfgang Van Halen, Taylor Momsen, Dave Grohl, and Slash were among the ones who came forward.

In a recent interview with The Spokesman, Jerry Cantrell also shared his thoughts on the ‘rock is dead’ debate. He said that rock is not dead, and it’s just all cyclical. Cantrell added that he is patiently waiting for Godzilla to reawake and rock the stages.

The Spokesman’s host asked Jerry Cantrell the following:

“And Gene Simmons, who says rock is dead, is wrong, correct?”

Jerry Cantrell then responded:

“Rock isn’t dead. It’s all cyclical. I can’t wait for Godzilla to rise from the swamp once again and shake things up. It’s going to happen.”

You can check out Jerry Cantrell’s latest album, ‘Brighten,’ through Spotify below.