Jerry Cantrell Recalls Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Inviting Him On Stage


Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell gave an interview to BBC Radio during which he recalled the time when Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry invited him on stage.

Jerry Cantrell is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter mainly known as the founding member, lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist, and primary songwriter of Alice In Chains. Formed in 1987 by Cantrell and Sean Kinney, the band was one of the prominent members of the grunge scene and has been inspired to a great extent by several rock bands, including Aerosmith.

Apart from performing with Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell also made several guest appearances with other bands. For instance, he performed with the supergroup Camp Freddy in 2004 and then formed the rock supergroup Cardboard Vampyres with Billy Duffy. They performed covers of the bands they were fans of while growing up, such as Aerosmith.

As it seems, Jerry Cantrell has been a fan of Aerosmith since he was young. According to what he told BBC Radio, he even joined the band on the stage once. As Cantrell said, this incident occurred in the 1990s when the band invited him to perform their ‘Sick As A Dog.’ He stated that he closed his eyes to feel this experience and got lost in the moment. Cantrell then said playing a tune with Aerosmith in his hometown felt amazing.

Jerry Cantrell told BBC Radio about Aerosmith’s ‘Sick As A Dog’ the following:

“There’s a little bit of a theme with these songs that I have picked. I actually got to play this song with these guys as well. In the ’90s, they came through town, and they invited me on stage.

And I had this moment where I had my eyes closed because I was just kind of feeling it playing this song and lost in the moment of it. Then I opened my eyes, and I was completely surrounded by Aerosmith. We were kind of like a little human pyramid, and we were playing a tune in my hometown at the arena. It was just amazing.”

Below, you can listen to the full interview and Aerosmith’s ‘Sick As A Dog.’