Jeff Beck Had An Unreleased Project With Stewart Copeland, Steve Stevens Reveals

Jeff Beck’s untimely death devastated his family, fans, and fellow musicians. As the world is trying to get used to not being able to hear tunes from the guitar god again, Steve Stevens revealed in his recent Instagram post that Beck and the Police’s Stewart Copeland had worked on a project that never came to light.

“The year is 2000,” Stevens recalled. “I was at a songwriter’s retreat held by manager Miles Copeland. Also, there were Jeff Beck, Stewart Copeland, and Persian superstar singer Andy Madadian. Andy and I wrote the single ‘Yalla’ there. Jeff and Stewart were working on a project that never saw the light of day.”

The guitarist continued, “I would wake up in the morning, have some coffee, walk over to the barn and hear some amazing playing. Who knows, maybe we’ll all get to hear the results one day. Spent many dinners with Jeff, who was gracious, complimentary, and just a really good dude.”

Throughout his music career, which spanned almost six decades, Jeff Beck inspired many with his influential musical talent and guitar-playing skills. Sadly, on January 12, he departed from this world after losing the battle against bacterial meningitis, leaving a timeless legacy behind him.

Months before his passing, Jeff Beck worked with Johnny Depp of the Hollywood Vampires on a collaborative album titled ‘18.’ As Steve Stevens said, Beck had also worked with the Police’s Stewart Copeland on a project back in 2000, but the two never got the chance to release it. However, Stevens still hopes to hear the results one day.

Photo Credit: Steve Stevens – Instagram