Jane’s Addiction Singer Perry Farrell’s True Opinion On Kim Kardashian

From the vortex of the 90s alternative rock scene to the modern-day reality TV phenomena, the lines of celebrity have often blurred, crisscrossed, and at times, collided. Perry Farrell, the frontman of Jane’s Addiction and a prominent figure in the music industry, has never been one to shy away from sharing his perspectives on a range of subjects.

One such instance occurred during a 2013 Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter, where Farrell was asked about the intriguing prospect of reality TV star Kim Kardashian receiving a star on the Walk of Fame. In a media landscape where fame is more flexible than ever, the question posed to Farrell touched on a key point of contention: What actually qualifies someone for such an honor as a star on the Walk of Fame?

While traditionally reserved for acclaimed actors, musicians, directors, and other entertainment luminaries, the rise of reality television had started to challenge this norm. As a prominent figure in this sphere, Kardashian naturally became a focal point of this debate.

Perry acknowledged Kardashian’s substantial presence in the public eye, her ability to captivate audiences, and her impact on pop culture. He noted that while he didn’t actively watch her show, he recognized its prevalence on entertainment channels like E!

Perry Farrell’s words about Kim Kardashian read:

“Oh, I don’t know, sure. I mean, she took up a great amount of time; she took up a lot of people’s time for a long time, that girl did. However she did it, she did it, you know what I mean? She took up a lot of space and a lot of time, and I’m sure she made a lot of people’s lives a lot more interesting. Whether it be talking about her or trying to emulate her, she’s not a bad person.

I can’t say that I watch her show. I’ve seen it; it’s been on the TV, my wife has had it on — she doesn’t put it on, but it comes on — E! ‘s a great station — if you’re an entertainer especially, it’s great to see what’s going on in the entertainment world — but if you really stop and think about it, the family is extremely interesting.”

He added:

“They have gorgeous, tall, young girls; they have the Kardashian name that is tied to the crime of the century; they’re tied to one of the greatest athletes of our century; and it is a really interesting family — especially if you’re talking about it in Hollywood terms, Los Angeles terms. This family has been through and knows everybody there is to know in this city, so now I’m starting to think: yes. There you go!”

Farrell also acknowledged the intriguing dynamics of the Kardashian family— their ties to significant cultural moments and individuals, their distinct Hollywood presence, and their extensive connections within the city. These factors made him reconsider the initial question, ultimately leaning toward Kim deserving a star.