James Hetfield’s Son Castor Picks His Career-Defining Song


Metallica lead vocalist James Hetfield’s son Castor recently joined an interview with Mike Nelson Show with his Bastardane bandmates. Castor revealed the metal song that had a meaningful place in his music career.

The drummer Castor Hetfield, bassist-vocalist Jake Dallas, and guitarist Ethan Sirotzki founded Bastardane and released their first song, ‘Wealthy Fantasy‘ in 2020. They made their initial appearance on the rock scene with this song. In 2021, the band released the singles, ‘Above All’ and ‘Let the Wasted Die.’

The following year, their debut album, ‘Is This Rage?‘ came out. The band received many positive reviews, and Castor also proved his success as his father, James Hetfield, did. After Castor and his bandmates appeared on Metallica’s San Francisco Takeover, they took the stage in Atlanta in May 2022 and received many praises.

Bastardane made appearances at festivals and events to promote its most recent album. The group hit the road again for the second leg of its White Knuckle US Tour, which began on June 11 in Costa Mesa, California, and ended on July 1, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida.

In a recent conversation, Castor Hetfield shared the essential song that impacted his music career. Castor stated that it was hard to choose one because there were many successful songs. Then he decided on Down’s ‘Stone the Crow’ by mentioning he found the band very cool.

Castor Hetfield responded when asked about the song defined his music career:

“It’s hard to pick something that’s defined what I like to play because there’s so much music that I listen to that I can’t pick one. But I guess one that came to mind was probably ‘Stone the Crow’ by Down. I like that riff. They’re a cool band.”

The drummer added that Down has still been playing on shows. Castor explained that they were excellent at combining southern and metal sounds. As he revealed, the band’s style was the first time he had heard this combination.

Hetfield continued when the interviewer expressed that Down is fantastic:

“I like them. They’re a cool mixture of southern and metal or hard rock. They do it well. I’d never really heard southern metal until I heard them. They were my first introduction to it, and I thought that was cool.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.