James Hetfield Is Spotted With His Mysterious New Girlfriend

James Hetfield was recently spotted with his new girlfriend, as the couple’s intimate pictures made their way into the public eye through a fan post via Instagram.

The Metallica frontman previously made the headlines after filing for a divorce from his partner of twenty-five years, Francesca Tomasi. The bitter decision came as a shock to many since the pair seemed to thrive in their relationship, with Hetfield taking every chance he got to praise his wife one way or the other.

So, it was apparent that the decision to file for divorce had been challenging for him, as the rocker had gotten candid and emotional during a live show only a few months before the tough decision to separate ways with Tomasi. After all, you know what they say; nothing hurts like an aching heart.

However, life went on, and so did James. The singer was spotted with a mystery girlfriend quite recently, posing happily for different snaps of pictures in different settings. A Metallica fan shared the new couple’s pictures, showing the pair kissing on a beach and hugging intimately.

Well, as Hetfield sails away into a new relationship, one cannot help but feel he seems to be in a better mindset than he had been, seemingly looking pleased with where he is now, or at least that’s what the camera lenses captured from those intimate pictures, posing alongside his mystery partner.


Photo Credit: Helena Partyn – Instagram


Photo Credit: Helena Partyn – Instagram