Jake Kiszka Addresses The ACDC Influence On Greta Van Fleet’s Music

In his interview with Guitar World’s Joe Bosso, Greta Van Fleet guitarist, Jake Kiszka revealed that whether the band will follow the iconic rock band, AC/DC’s style about using the same sounds or not. He also talked about the future plans of Greta Van Fleet and their ideas on changing styles.

As you may know, Greta Van Fleet released their debut studio album entitled ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ on October 19, 2018. Although the album became very popular and listened to a lot, the band was heavily criticized because of their sounding like Led Zeppelin too much. The band members also accepted Led Zeppelin’s great influence on them.

However, Greta Van Fleet promised that their next work would be more unique in their previous interviews. The band’s second studio album, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ was released on October 9, 2020. The album reached number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Even though they claimed that they started to establish their own style, the album was also considered to be having some similarities with Led Zeppelin’s music.

During a recent interview, Greta Van Fleet guitarist, Jake Kiszka responded to a question about whether they would take AC/DC’s style about never changing the sound of their music or not. Jake stated that they have an elastic style and want to experiment with various musical genres such as jazz and rock and roll. He also mentioned that Greta Van Fleet’s music will evolve and change throughout their careers.

Here’s what he stated in the interview:

“That’s very interesting, and I’m glad we’re touching on it. We see ourselves as being very elastic. We like to change and we want to move in different ways. We can’t be stagnant musically – that would be death. I think I can say that each album we put out will be different from the previous one.

There’s so much to cover, all the different types of music – folk, country, jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. We’re influenced by all of it, and we want to incorporate it into what we’re doing.

I think we see ourselves as a group that can evolve and can try new things. Changing what we do overtime, yeah, I think that could be beautiful and inspiring. Artists shouldn’t be afraid to completely throw something out and try something else, but it can be difficult. It’s an interesting concept, for sure.

Jake Kiszka implied that they won’t be like AC/DC and do the same thing that they know how to do the best. He added that they will always try new things by melting different genres in one pot for their upcoming projects. It seems like fans would be experiencing a new side of the Greta Van Fleet members with every album they release.