Jacoby Shaddix Opens Up About Papa Roach’s New Album ‘Ego Trip’

In an interview with Rock Sound, Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix recently reflected on the band’s upcoming album, ‘Ego Trip,’ which will arrive very soon.

Papa Roach has released ten studio albums throughout their career for nearly three decades now. As one of the band’s founding members, Jacoby Shaddix has been within Papa Roach since its formation and contributed to its whole discography. During the pandemic, the band took their time and worked on new material for their eleventh album.

Their forthcoming album titled ‘Ego Trip‘ will drop on April 8, 2022. The album will feature 14 songs in total. Their previously released singles, ‘Swerve,’ ‘Kill The Noise,’ ‘Dying To Believe,’ ‘Stand Up,’ and ‘Cut the Line’ will also be included in the new album. The band will have a chance to promote the album with some special appearances during April and May.

Jacoby Shaddix recently opened up about the new album’s title and explained it is like a journey through the ego. He thinks that we all struggle between our higher and lower selves. According to the singer, he constantly tries to find balance in this ongoing dynamic and challenges himself to become a better version.

Furthermore, the musician realized after some point that he needed to break the ego because he operates better by doing that. Otherwise, Shaddix expects the world to bow down before him, bringing chaos into his daily life. Thus, the singer considers that their album touches upon a universal theme and shared experiences of all people.

When asked about the upcoming Papa Roach album, Jacoby Shaddix replied:

“This album essentially is like a journey through the ego and the wrestling match of the ego of my higher self and my lower self. I’m always challenging myself to try to become a better person, treat myself better, treat other people better, put other people first, but I got this part of me that’s just so selfish and self-centered and self-seeking, and it’s that wrestling match with the ego.

It’s like, ‘Who’s in control right now. Is it my higher self, my more humbled, spiritual, loving, compassionate self or is it my dark, self-seeking version of myself?’ We all have that. I found that to progress in my life. I gotta smash the ego. I have to because when I’m out there thinking my sh*t doesn’t stink and the world should bow down before me, my life turns to shambles. It doesn’t work for me. I don’t operate well in that dynamic, and so, Papa Roach; we own an ‘Ego Trip.'”

You can watch the full interview below.