Iggy Pop Releases New Song ‘Strung Out Johnny’

Most artists slow down, especially at this time of the year but not Iggy Pop. The singer has just given the news to his fans over Twitter that his second single, ‘Strung Out Johnny,’ is out. The rocker had just released the first single ‘Frenzy’ from his upcoming studio album ‘Every Loser’ so the fans were over the moon when they got another single from the album.

The countdown is on for Pop’s 19th solo album ‘Every Loser.’ The album, set to be released on January 6, has everyone hyped for the new year. If you haven’t been keeping up with the rocker’s news, this is the second single from his forthcoming album. After releasing ‘Frenzy’ last month, the rocker gave a little more of what will come in the new year with his second single ‘Strung Out Johnny.’ He wrote, “New single is out!” to share his excitement with the fans.

‘Strung Out Johnny’ reflected the direction the album might have by incorporating a synth-pop sound, while it also shared a meaningful and deep picture of what life is like when dealing with addiction, which is more honest than most were probably expecting from the electric rocker.

If you can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out, it could be an idea to listen to his previous 18 albums. If not, the two singles will have to do until ‘Every Loser’ is released at the beginning of January. Not long to go, though; we’re in luck!