Iggy Pop Admits Still Having Nightmares About The Lowest Point Of His Life

Iggy Pop has enjoyed a prominent rock star’s usual, luxurious life, yet it seems like he is still haunted by the lowest times of his life. The rocker disclosed the most intimate parts of his nightmares while chatting with Audacy Check In during a recent conversation.

“My favorite t-shirt is a picture of a rescue pit bull, and it says, ‘always root for the underdog,’ so I’ll cop to that,” told the rocker as he mentioned he knew what it means to be an underdog. “I’ve been up, and I’ve been way down, so there you go.”

Pop then opened up about his nightmares about the lowest period in his life. “I’m usually barefoot, and I have like a crinkled-up dollar bill in my pocket. I’m in a strange city on a dirty street knocking on doors, but there’s no doorknob and nobody there. But that’s okay; it’s fun to wake up!”

The singer was often lost in his nightmares, searching for an answer and desperately seeking help. These dreams showed Pop that deep down, he still hadn’t forgotten the times he had been way down, but it was just a nightmare after all. It seemed that as long as they were just dreams, Iggy had no problem with them.

The rocker also has no intentions to retire as he released a punk-infused new single, ‘Frenzy,’ featuring GN’R’s Duff McKagan and RHCP’s Chad Smith. His upcoming album, ‘Every Loser,’ is also set to be released on January 6. It seems that Iggy still has a lust for life, and with new projects on the way, his nightmares won’t hurt him.