Ian Anderson Shares The Jethro Tull Album Turned Out To Be A Failure In US

Jethro Tull lead vocalist Ian Anderson recently joined an interview on the band’s official Youtube channel and talked about their previous albums. The singer revealed that their 1982 album, ‘The Broadsword and the Beast,’ was a failure in the USA.

Formed in 1967, Jethro Tull is famous for its successful incorporation of various genres like hard rock, folk, and classical music. The band’s debut album named ‘This Was’ was released in 1968, and it quickly attracted great attention. The band has released twenty-one studio albums throughout their longtime musical journey.

Jethro Tull was working on their twenty-second album, ‘The Zealot Gene,’ for a while, and the release date was scheduled as January 28, 2022. The band’s last album was in 2003, marking the longest gap between their studio albums. It will also be their first album with a new line-up. The band’s line-up changed many times, and Ian Anderson has remained the only constant member.

The band shared a series of interviews on their Youtube channel to promote the new album. Ian Anderson also appeared in one of them and talked about the disappointing incidents he experienced during his music career. He revealed that the album, ‘The Broadsword and the Beast,’ was a failure in the USA, although it was successful in other countries. Anderson said that it was just the wrong time for it. He Anderson added that it is hard to predict an album’s reactions in advance, so he no longer expects anything.

Here are Ian Anderson’s words on failing Jethro Tull album:

“Perhaps the disappointment of the reception for a passion play and the ambivalence, the non-plussed way in which certain albums were received, ‘The Broadsword and the Beast,’ for example in the USA was not a biggie. It just was the wrong time, the wrong mood, it just didn’t click, and yet in Germany, it was like the biggest selling Jethro Tull record ever. It did really well in other places but initially not very well in the USA, so you know you are always going to have disappointments mixed by gratification.

‘Homo Erraticus’ a few years ago in 2014, I think it was a very positive reaction that I actually didn’t really expect to get. I thought that would be quite negatively received primarily because it was pretty much a concept album with a lot of potentially difficult stuff, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised over the years and disappointed over the years. I’ve just learned not to expect anything and not to try to make albums for people. That’s just always going to be a mistake.”

You can watch the full interview below.