Ian Anderson Reveals Alice Cooper’s Opinion On Jethro Tull-Metallica Grammy Incident, ‘It Was Just The Worst Moment Of My Life’

Former Jethro Tull lead vocalist Ian Anderson opened up about the infamous Grammy moment with Metallica during an interview with BBC Radio, in addition to revealing what the legendary musician Alice Cooper thought while presenting the winner.

As many of you know, a Hard Rock/Metal Performance category for the Grammy Awards was first added in 1988, having first nominees including ‘Blow Up Your Video’ by AC/DC, ‘Cold Metal’ by Iggy Pop, ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ by Jane’s Addiction, and ‘…And Justice for All’ by Metallica. In addition to those nominees, there was also ‘Crest of a Knave’ by Jethro Tull which was surprising even for the band’s frontman Ian Anderson who thought they cannot be considered a heavy metal band.

Since Metallica was expected to win the award, Jethro Tull members were told by their record label to not even bother attending the 31st Grammy Awards. Following these discussions, the band members decided not to attend the ceremony.

However, while the nomination itself was shocking enough, when the presenters Alice Cooper and Lita Ford announced the result, booing could be heard from the crowd as Metallica wasn’t the winner, it was Jethro Tull that actually won the first Hard Rock/Metal Performance award. The result was considered an embarrassment for the Academy, according to many, and caused controversy even months after the ceremony.

During a recent interview, Ian Anderson opened up about the notorious moment by stating that it was embarrassing since it was both unexpected and wrong according to countless people. In addition to this, Anderson revealed how the presenter Alice Cooper felt at the time, and apparently, it was the worst moment of his life since he was the person to blame after receiving the award in the name of Jethro Tull.

Here is what Anderson said:

“Well, it’s an embarrassing thing because the record company had along with probably every act on the label had pushed us forward to be in the nominations for a Grammy that year, and I think people were just so shocked and surprised. Nobody really said anything on the Grammys that, ‘Oh, well, don’t worry, they’re not going to win.’ And the fact is – if I’d been there to a crazed full house of booze and hisses and ‘how dare they,’ it would have been interesting.

I have no idea what I would have said when I walked up there but I did subsequently meet Alice Cooper, who was the guy who was pushed on to accept on our behalf the Grammy, that we shouldn’t have won. And I said, ‘What did it feel like?’ Alice said, ‘It was just the worst moment of my life. As if it was my fault you won the Grammy!’

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