Ian Anderson On Jethro Tull Biopic: ‘It Would Be The Most Uncool Movie Ever’

In an interview with Rock History Music, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was questioned about the likelihood of a biographical film about the band.

A snippet of the interview, which happened last year, was released recently. During the interview, Anderson expressed his opinion that a biopic would not be intriguing, mainly due to the band being ‘uncool’. He elaborated on his view by stating the following:

“If it was truthful, it would be the most uncool and dull movie you ever saw. I think we’d have to invent a few murders, some extremely excessive rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle things to make it interesting, but frankly it’s never been like that. We are one of the world’s most uncool bands. We just did not live that sort of life. It’s absolutely not romantic.”

They seemed to have only one person designated as the ‘party guy’. The frontman continued:

“Maybe there’s been one person in the band at any one time. Not recently, but maybe up till 20 years ago. There was always one person who was the party guy, and everybody else was the opposite. We just didn’t like socializing, doing things together. Nobody was a big drinker; nobody took drugs; it was always one guy.”

He then revealed who ‘the party guy’ would usually be:

“Most of those one guys were bass players. Because it happens more gregarious, outgoing, sort of. I guess if you’ve only got four strings, you want to kind of make up for it somewhere. “

Although he didn’t specify who the mentioned bass player is, one of the comments in the short clip said:

“You know he’s talking about Dave Pegg, a famous drinker. Ha ha!”

See the clip below, and see the full interview here.