‘He Burned The Mötley Crüe Records,’ Korn Guitarist Head Tells A Story About Jonathan Davis’ Father

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch spoke in a recent interview with Rob Flynn and talked about the time when he decided to leave the band.

In the conversation, Brian pointed out that they were using drugs back in those days and said that when he decided to leave the band, Korn was about to have a huge record deal.

However, his statement and appearances made an impact on the record deals and dropped down the numbers eventually. Even though he was the reason for preventing the huge deal, Jonathan Davis forgave him.

Brian mentioned that Jonathan knew what he was going through because of his father and that’s why he forgave Brian. Furthermore, Brian gave an example about how his father went crazy by saying that Jonathan’s father burned the Mötley Crüe albums when he decided to quit drugs.

Here is what Brian Welch said:

“It was nasty for a little bit, you know. Dude, do meth for 700 days straight, and then just quit all of a sudden – alcohol, pills, everything. I have a balanced life [now], I’m very Christ-centered, but not in a religious way, in a very spiritual way. But back then I was really making an ass out of myself.

“I was saying stupid things and Jonathan was just like, ‘Just, somebody shut his ass up, shut him up.’ I kept saying things and then Jonathan would have to respond because I made it awkward.

So the thing was, Korn was with Epic, Sony Records for 11 years. At that time, when I was leaving, they were signing a huge record deal with EMI, and that was the first deal, I think, the 360 deal, Korn was a part of that – or they signed the first deal.”

He continued:

“And so it was such a big deal, the groundbreaking way the business was going, and here I am, doing MTV interviews, saying I’m leaving the band, and there’s a picture of me in Israel with a white robe looking like Jesus – people thought I lost my damn mind.

So I made it difficult for them in the negotiations. It’s like, ‘Fine, walk away from the band, do your thing, go get sober and whatnot, but don’t destroy our contract that we were working on for months.’

I was to blame for all of that, and I take full responsibility. And Jonathan, he forgave me. He knew – because his dad went through the same thing. His dad was partying like crazy, and one day he’s, like, born-again, and he took his Motley Crue records out back and brought the church folk over and burned the records.”

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