Hayley Williams Sends A Warning To Paramore Crew, ‘Somebody’s Getting Fired’

During a recent show, Paramore singer Hayley Williams sent a warning to the crew members by singing.

In a new video shared by Consequence on X, the pyrotechnics seem to malfunction and fire at the wrong time. Fed up with it, while singing ‘Hard Times,’ she changes the lyrics to warn the crew about the incident. While singing, she said the following instead of the original lyrics:

“Somebody’s getting fired. Beyonce did, so we can, too. And I can’t wait to speak with you. It’s the third time you’ve done that sh*t to us.”

Beyonce’s Version of ‘Somebody’s Getting Fired’

The incident Williams referred to took place in a 2010 show, where Beyoncé show where her lighting tech missed their cue during a performance of ‘Diva,’ leading her to utter the phrase into the mic for all to hear. A similar accident happened more recently as well. Getting too hot during a recent show, the singer sang ‘turn the fan on’ after one of her technicians seemed to have forgotten about it.

You can see Williams’ incident below.